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On Tuesday we posted a black box on Instagram in support of #BlackOutTuesday. We were challenged about this and now recognise that a black box is not enough. We need to be stronger and more proactive in our response to systemic racism.   

At Crescent Arts we express our solidarity with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people throughout the world, especially those protesting against inequality and abuse following the tragic events in Minnesota and in memory of George Floyd.

We acknowledge we have much work to do as an organisation to challenge racism in all its forms and recognise the need for change as individuals, as an organisation and as we participate in the wider community.

As a small arts charity we make a commitment to take action against racism and social injustice, to educate ourselves, our members and audiences, to promote and support artists from BAME backgrounds and to learn how we can make a difference through our work. 

This must be more than an empty gesture, and will take time to embed in our organisational culture. We invite our artists, members and supporters to join with us to ensure that our commitment to community, creativity and solidarity through the visual arts becomes a reality and a celebration of human endeavor.

As a small contribution to this process we share links to two of the many excellent lists of resources that may stimulate and provoke our deeper understanding:

It’sNiceThat: A list of resources for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement

Anti-racism resources