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Resident artist Steven Malorie Potter reviews the work of Julian Meredith in our recent Northern Print exhibition, ‘Glossary: How and Why Artists Make Prints’.

Artist uses corpse of dead bird to create ‘Swifts (The Scream)’


Using what he describes as a ‘hunter gatherer’ methodology Julian Meredith utilises direct printing to produce haunting reproductions.

When describing his work the list of puns practically writes itself, a couple of which I have already used. All jokes aside however what Meredith has achieved within his prints is a weird collaboration between correct and incorrect. The print is undeniably beautiful, however upon learning it was created by pushing a dead body into paint, the immediate question becomes “is it still ok to like?”

The answer is of course a yes.

It is still ok to like it, whether you will or not is a more personal reaction.

Even Meredith admits:

“some people may find the idea of printing from deceased birds and animals upsetting”

Excerpt from ‘Glossary’ poster

Creating either an immediate answer to a question you never considered or an internal argument about spiritual correctness VS. Art, Julian Meredith’s ‘Swifts (The Scream) breathes new life (couldn’t resist that one) into a simple printing technique.

Showing now at Crescent Arts, Scarborough as part of Northern Prints ‘Glossary’ exhibition

Closes Sat 16th May

Open Thursday- Saturday

11.00am- 4.00pm and by appointment

Admission is free