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Resident artist Steven Malorie Potter reviews the work of Stephen Chambers in our recent Northern Print exhibition, ‘Glossary: How and Why Artists Make Prints’.

 Stephen Chambers, Heaven and Earth

Utilising the idea that something as “bog standard” as a potato can be used to create something beautiful Stephen Chambers shows off how even the simplest of printing techniques can yield complex results.

there is almost an atmosphere of  satire surrounding this piece. The characters within wear expressions that dare you to ask the question:

“Does a potato print belong here?”.

“Isn’t it a bit basic?”.

The complexity of the process and the technical skill does not in itself make an artwork any more interesting and sometimes a simple response can be more eloquent and profound.

Excerpts from the ‘Glossary’ poster

the real joy of the piece is found in its unapologetic gall. It doesn’t try to disguise itself or explain itself or exaggerate its self. Its simple and in being so elevates itself.

After all, if a potato print can’t find its place in a gallery and is instead forced to stay within the confines of the fridge door then we must also return Duchamp’s fountain back to its public restroom and fling Haring’s doodles back into the streets.

Showing now at Crescent Arts, Scarborough as part of Northern Prints ‘Glossary’ exhibition

Closes Sat 16th May

Open Thursday- Saturday

11.00am- 4.00pm and by appointment

Admission is free