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Exhibition Date: 18th May – 25th July 2021  

LocationWoodend Gallery, Woodend Creative Space, Scarborough.

Opening times: Tuesday – Friday, 10am-5pm.

Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm.

Free and wheelchair accessible.

preserve_konserwe’ is a new site specific installation by Anglo / Polish artists Ruth Miemczyk and Louise Severyn-Kosinska inspired and informed by their Polish heritage, by coming together to present an exhibition that explores the dimensions of living within two worlds, the work seeks to interpret their experiences of growing up with a consciousness of other selves; where memories are brought out and handed down, repeated, re-imagined and retold.


A blurry figure is walking past long strips of transparent plastic which are hanging from the ceiling.





A row of hat hooks are descending down the wall, the first hook has a small brown fur cap on. The wall is olive green with some bird stencils scattered around, placed thoughtfully.


In challenging times, with the dual impact of Covid-19 pandemic and the culmination of the Brexit negotiations, Crescent Arts is embarking on the next phase of its development, reaffirming its mission to be a vibrant creative hub rooted in Scarborough: responding to the need for equity and social justice by nurturing diverse artistic talent, connecting people to art and artists, making contemporary visual arts publicly accessible through meaningful participation and enjoyment, and working to address the climate crisis and support climate justice.

Photography by David Chalmers

You see the corner of two walls intersecting, they are a bright sunny yellow with small stencilled circular patterns on them, the left side of the corner shows a brown semi circle table placed against the walll.