An Empty Vessel


An Empty Vessel, video stills, Webb-Ellis, 2016

An Empty Vessel, video stills, Webb-Ellis, 2016

Friday 30th September – Sunday 30th October
Fridays – Sundays 11.00am-4.00pm and by appointment
Admission is free
Museums at Night Celebration Event
Thursday 27th October
7.00pm – 9.00pm

Artist duo Webb-Ellis will transform the gallery at Crescent Arts into a living, evolving, generative installation exploring what connects us in an age of increasing alienation.

The artists will work with visitors to the gallery to create a growing web of connections and associations that will culminate in the creation of a new audio-visual installation for Museums at Night, premiering simultaneously at both Crescent Arts and The Nunnery Gallery in East London.

The audio-visual installation will be presented in The Nunnery Gallery in Bow, east London, alongside drawings, music and holy water collected by local ‘pilgrims’ from an ancient sacred well in Valentines Park in Ilford. Inspired by Susan Hiller‘s ‘Homage to Joseph Beuys’ series, which collects water from sacred or once-sacred sites around the world, Webb-Ellis will lead a 7 miles pilgrimage to collect water from the well. Both ancient and post-modern, this secular pilgrimage will explore the hidden potential of ordinary things and experiences, and will culminate in the Museums at Night event.

At Crescent Arts this generative installation is a great opportunity to make visible the process of creating a work of art, and to explore the themes behind the work in greater depth. The gallery will contain research material (images, books, text, writing, drawings, sound and video etc.) as well as the means to produce more material (computers, camera, microphone, printer) and these will be available to visitors to use, working with Webb-Ellis to add to the growing web of connections and associations.

Artist-led, family friendly pilgrimage

St. Hilda’s Holy Spring, Hackness
Saturday 8th October
11.00am at Crescent Arts

The pilgrimage takes walkers from Scarborough to Hackness, then return by public transport with water drawn from the well. Bring a vessel of your choice to collect water which will be included in the installation at Crescent Arts. A digital map will be available for download from our website soon.

An Empty Vessel Workshop

Saturday 15th October
1.00pm – 5.00pm
Fee: members £20 / non-members £30

Join us on this workshop to explore how artists create meaning in an increasingly rhizomatic and non-linear environment. The workshop will have a practical element and will cover activities and ideas such as; storytelling, memory and association, collage, the editing process, fact and fiction and digital detritus. Please see our workshops page for booking details.

The Museums at Night Celebration

Thursday 27th October
7.00pm – 9.00pm
Admission is free

Instead of an ‘opening’ we’re hosting a public event in the gallery space on the evening of October 27th as part of Museums at Night to coincide with the London opening of An Empty Vessel at The Nunnery Gallery at Bow Arts. The audio-visual installation will be installed at both The Nunnery and Crescent Arts in different forms, premiering simultaneously across the two locations.