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Crescent Arts looks back affectionately at two years of news posters from  Scarborough News. Karen Thompson has collected most of the daily posters  which give a vivid snapshot of events and news in Scarborough over this  period. The best news posters capture the stories with a striking economy  of language, and are meant to be digested in a split second. At their best,  they have strong typographic appeal and are highly evocative. A sense of the  visual, which parallels the photographic, makes for the most memorable  posters. Who could ever forget ‘Elton John to Walk On Water In Scarboro!’?

While some stories may have disappeared from view, others are very much  alive and can be instantly revived by the headline. Seagulls, jellyfish  and dog-walking on the beach are perennial themes as you might expect in  a seaside resort. However, ‘Latest Victim Of Wall of Death’ is more  specific and of continuing concern to those who care about the wellbeing  of wildlife in an increasingly urban environment. ‘Scarboro Set For Gold  Rush’ is perhaps one of the more intriguing news posters of the period,  and ‘Sand Cleared From Beach’ seems poetic in its understatement.

“It taps into an unsung area of interest that is paradoxically impact-heavy  and disposable as a marketing technique that requires a crossword-mentality  ranging from the cryptic to the simple, truncating ideas and concepts and  events into a universal distillation.”  Ed Asquith, Editor of The Scarborough News

We became interested in the news posters as part of our experiments with writing in our Artist Writes programme and for their potential  as remarkably vivid and expressive word pictures. The attempt to  condense a story down to four or five words is both challenging and  fascinating, and easier said than done.


If you think you can come up with a striking news poster, one that  captures the essence of a story and is impossible to ignore, now’s  your chance to prove it. We’re inviting you to send in a news poster  based on any story or article in Scarborough News published in the  editions of 2nd or 9th May 2013. Choose a story and write your news  poster. It can be humorous, intriguing, snappy or simple so long as  it really captures the story.

There are three simple rules…
News posters must use;  Four lines – no more, no less
Maximum seven letters each line (excluding spaces)
Correct punctuation

All news posters must be sent to Crescent Arts by:  
email (subject NEWS):
twitter: @crescent_arts  or facebook:

Before 5pm on Tuesday 14th May.  

Judging will take place at Museums at Night on  Friday 17th May, 6.00pm – 10.30pm.

Come and find out if your news poster has won! Entries will be judged  by Scarborough News and Crescent Arts, and a selection of the best  posters will be added to our exhibition. The winner will receive a  t-shirt with their poster printed boldly on the front or back. Show  off your literary or journalistic talents and be the envy of all  your friends.