Installation ‘Out of Place, Out of Time’


Sat 4th October 2pm – 5pm

Crescent Artstudios Catherine Graham, an ex-studio holder at Crescent Arts, recently completed an MFA at Leeds University. This installation was timed to coincide with the opening of Crescent Artspace and our re-launch, allowing Catherine to revisit her former studio environment, bringing to bear experiences since leaving Scarborough and Crescent Arts. Catherine’s ability to confound expectations by the lateral juxtaposition of unlikely materials and objects demonstrates both humour and pathos ranging from the scatological to the biodegradable. Her work, which might at first sight appear to be subliminal and undemonstrative, has a tendency to creep up on you from behind a radiator or from where it lurks in some hidden corner. It’s never quite where it ought to belong, and thus performs its primary role as ‘intervention’.