Charlotte Salt, Gold Coast Customs, details, 2018

You are invited to the preview of this exhibition at Crescent Arts on Friday 9th November between 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Charlotte Salt
Gold Coast Customs
Saturday 10 November – Sunday 16 December
Fridays – Sundays, 11.00am – 4.00pm
Admission is free

Charlotte Salt is fascinated by the subconscious, combining an interest in an ‘automatic’ approach with a desire to work intuitively with materials. Her investigation of craft processes and production encompasses a range of materials, media and techniques, as a means to understand or interpret our environment. The artist sees the physical act of making and creating with one’s hands as empowering – the opportunity to shape one’s environment in a meaningful way.

The cultural and historical context of her surroundings, of processes and materials, has a significant impact on the form of her work. Choosing to work with clay, for example, comes with strong cultural and historical connotations that Charlotte is keen to assimilate and explore through the role the material plays in the making of the work.

“Working with clay has a grounding effect on me, literally connecting to the earth, and the slow pace of ceramic production is counter to fast paced mass production. I find myself absorbed in a phenomenological experience of making, handling the clay and other materials, sampling and reinterpreting visual stimuli.”

– Charlotte Salt

The process of looking and translating, unconsciously sampling elements from her day to day surroundings, leads Charlotte to incorporate ‘man-made’ elements such as stylistic features of a Victorian drainpipe or cast iron railings, or natural elements such as the shape of a shell or patterns on the sand when the tide has gone out. Charlotte drawsmore widely upon traditions of non-Western art making, process, labour, folk and pre-avant-garde art, as well as influences of feminism, expressionism and symbolism.These elements and influences are then re-presented or resurface in the artworks, translating everyday experiences and unearthing covert associations, causing us to reconsider the familiar. By transposing these elements into new contexts – often absurd, humorous or playful – the artist elicits multiple interpretations.

The title for this exhibition refers to Edith Sitwell’s poem, Gold Coast Customs, published in 1929. The poem is about the artificiality of human behaviour and the barbarism that lies beneath the surface.

Charlotte Salt graduated from York St John University with BA (hons) Fine Art 1stclass in 2013 and has been working from a studio at Crescent Arts since 2015. Over the past four years she has participated in various group exhibitions across Yorkshire and in Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, London and New York.

Visit Charlotte’s exhibition and try your hand at ceramic sculpture!

Ceramic Sculpture Course
Tuesdays: November 13, 20 & 27 / December 4, 11 & 18
Artist/tutor: Charlotte Salt

Charlotte will demonstrate pinch pot, coil building and slab techniques and using glaze – all of which can be combined in one piece of work. Whether you want to experiment, be decorative and/or functional, you’ll learn great new creative skills and will definitely have something to show by the end of the course. For further information see our workshops page and to book, please email

Charlotte Salt, Gold Coast Customs, detail, 2018