A new video installation by Webb-Ellis


The Coliseum, Victoria Square, Whitby

Friday 3rd June 6.00pm – 9.30pm
Saturday 4th June 11.00am – 4.00pm

Admission is free

Crescent Arts presents ‘Clinging’, a powerful new video installation produced by Webb-Ellis, at The Coliseum in Whitby for two days only. The work is presented as a three-screen projection which the spectator is free to explore at will with no predetermined viewing time.

Webb-Ellis work across film and installation, and their practice explores the tension between fiction and reality, challenging traditional notions of documentary truth. The artists approached The Coliseum in Whitby as a venue which is perhaps associated with more conventional cinema screenings of feature films. ‘Clinging’ contradicts such expectations by allowing the viewer to move within the installation and enter or leave at any time.

This installation concerns the relationship between the subject and the viewer whilst being a portrait of the artists. The work draws on the inner conflict and recurring struggle of human existence and is both personal and universal. It is also an investigation into the themes of intimacy and alienation by seeking to extend the reach of the screen, creating a new space centred around the experience of the viewer. Putting the gallery visitor at the center of the work may cause them to question their own identity and relationship with fellow humans, getting straight to the core concerns of the work.

Webb-Ellis are based in Whitby and work from a studio at Crescent Arts where they have been ‘resident’ for the past eight months. They recently showed ‘Ever Remote’ at South Square Gallery in Bradford, and will be exhibiting at Axis Arts Centre in Cheshire and Water Tower Art Festival in Sophia, Bulgaria, during this Summer.

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We would like to thank The Coliseum in Whitby, especially Maureen Lynch, and MITES  in Liverpool for assistance with projection equipment.