Drawing The Line
Sunday 27 January – Sunday 17 February
Fridays – Sundays 11.00am – 4.00pm
and at other times by appointment.
Admission is free.

Drawing Workshop at Crescent Arts

Paul Klee, in the 1920s, famously talked of “taking a line for a walk” which suggests that the concept of line is unfixed, active and essentially abstract. What to draw is no longer the main concern when we set out to make a drawing. Instead, mark-making, surface, material, space and scale are some of the considerations we might think about. The exhibition presents both individual and collaborative experiments following this approach to drawing, by members of a workshop led by Ruth Miemczyk.

If Paul Klee’s approach to drawing, based largely on observation of natural phenomena, was analytical it was also playful, experimental and poetic. It is this ethos that the workshop and exhibition ‘Drawing The Line’ will look to explore further. Not only will participants make individual smaller-scale ‘experiments’ in drawing, they will also be able to work together on a much larger scale directly in (and on) our exhibition spaces.

Paul Klee’s ‘Pedagogical Sketchbook’, which The Bauhaus first published in 1925, can be thought of as an early example of exploring connections between art and science, clearly demonstrating a more analytical approach to drawing. It demonstrates the revolutionary changes in attitude towards art education as exemplified by The Bauhaus at this time and which led to a completely new approach. Even now, much of our thinking about art education stems from the foundations laid down in the earlier part of the last century and, coincidentally, Bauhaus 100 marks its centenary year in 2019.

Workshop: Drawing The Line
Saturday 26 January
10.00am – 4.00pm
Artist/tutor: Ruth Miemczyk

For further information and booking please visit our workshop page on this website.

After Paul Klee, Pedagogical Sketchbook, 1925