Films by Artists


Crescent Arts Studios
The Crescent

Friday 15th July
Admission free.

You are invited to a special screening of Ever Remote, a selection of artists’ films exploring and challenging ideas of home, loss, travel, distance and belonging.

 Curated by Hondartza Fraga

 Selected from invitation and open call, Ever Remote presents a selection of contemporary video works that engage or question the meaning of home, elsewhere and all the distances in-between. Each work explores a different aspect of the distances between ourselves and everything else: physical, temporal, cultural, emotional, imagined. Home and elsewhere come across as alien concepts that are constantly being both re- and de-constructed.

The borderlands between domestic and unfamiliar, native and exotic, homeland and foreignness are blurred, distorted or invented altogether. These works are portraits of the ambiguous space between fiction and reminiscence, between the traveller and the memory of the journey, between home and a half remembered homeland. They all seem an attempt to understand the uncertain distances that escape measurement and definition.

Ever Remote offers a further opportunity to view work by Andrew and Caitlin Webb-Ellis, resident artists at Crescent Arts over the past year. Webb-Ellis recently presented their video installation ‘Clinging’, to great acclaim, at The Coliseum in Whitby. Their short video ‘Becoming’ is part of this programme.

More info at: www.hondartzafraga.com

Limited places. Please RSVP info@crescentarts.co.uk