Hand Made This

New work by Justin DL


Saturday 12th August – Sunday 17th September 2017
Fridays – Sundays 11.00am – 4.00pm
and by appointment. Admission is free

You are invited to the preview of this exhibition on Friday 11th August
between 6.30pm – 9.30pm

This installation, prepared and achieved through mixed-media experimentation, explores traditional and non-traditional processes and their influence on the conceptual progression of a body of work. Justin DL

Justin DL describes his work primarily in terms of ‘process’ and, in this installation, he presents a configuration of abstracted physical images of hands recreated in various styles and which encompass a range of media and production processes in the evolution of the work.

The artist frequently uses photographic images as source material. On the surface this might appear to explore a semi-autobiographical strand, referencing photographs from family albums for example. However these photographs usually show situations at which the artist was not present and therefore he remains on the outside. The implied sense of intimacy combined with actual distance gives rise to further speculation about the material, which the artist explores largely through visual means and a tension between hand and technology ‘and their influence on the conceptual progression of a body of work.’


Justin DL experiments with ‘process’ and his approach is open-ended with no easily identifiable start and end points. The ‘found’ family photograph, which serves as source material, already has an independent history and significance but can also be seen as a generic form, with the potential for transposition through abstraction. Some elements of the creative process are completely mechanical or digital using current technology in combination with traditional technologies such as the printing press. Other actions rely upon the direct intervention of the hand of the artist, usually wielding an implement of some kind – pencil, crayon, brush or jig saw.

‘Hand Made This’ suggests the reliance on the artists own ability to craft and manipulate all the material available but also the acceptance and/or role of the hand in art-making processes even if some of the material is appropriated. Justin DL

Justin DL graduated in Fine Art from University of Newcastle in 2012. He was offered a studio residency at Crescent Arts in 2015. Justin has taken part in exhibitions at Crescent Arts including Footnotes 3 in 2017. He has shown work at Bad Behaviour, London, 2016, and more recently at Kunsthuis in North Yorkshire. This is his first solo exhibition. Justin currently teaches art and design at Scarborough School of Arts.