performance-video installation 28 Feb 2015 – 4 Apr 2015

Webb-Ellis 02


28 Feb 2015 – 4 Apr 2015

Thursdays to Saturdays, 11.00am – 4.00pm
and by appointment

Admission is Free


“We are untrained dancers, and lovers. The installation may fluctuate between humour and gravity as we dance for the five hours. What does it mean to really be present? We’re interested in consciousness, the act of perception, and the boundaries between self and other.”

Resident artist duo Webb-Ellis present a new performance-video installation which shows the artists dancing together naked in the exhibition space for five hours – a performance which challenges the artists physically and emotionally.

The recording of their performance in the two exhibition areas at Crescent Arts, with a camera in each space, is projected into the same spaces, in real time. A clock in the projected video displays the current time of day, set exactly at actual viewing time. The dance is led by Christopher Boylan, a teacher of ‘5 Rhythms’; a form of ecstatic movement which focuses on the present moment and aims to explore both inner and outer worlds of human experience.

While the dance is performed to music, this will only be heard by the visitor through headphones. Ambient sound in the exhibition spaces will comprise the artists’ breathing, movement of their feet and the teacher’s occasional speech. The experience of the work will completely alter according to which soundtrack is heard.

Please note that the projected images feature nudity throughout.

Webb-Ellis are currently resident artists at Crescent Arts. Recent exhibitions include  ‘Mother. I am Going’ at The Tetley as part of Leeds International Film Festival and at UK Young Artists in Leicester in 2014. Up and coming exhibitions include Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival in April and Month of Performance Art – Berlin in May 2015.