An Exhibition of Space


Monday 2nd – Friday 6th August 2010
11.00 am – 5.00 pm
Admission free

Open Arms Workshop Open Day
Saturday 14th August, 11.00 am – 5.00 pm

Jonathan Green’s An Exhibition of Space has emerged from a broader range of concerns embodied in his work ’20 days, 20 projects’ which he initiated on moving into a studio at Crescent Arts in 2009. Jonathan’s work and ideas move across dimensions (2:3:4) with consummate ease, a dynamic curiosity and creative intensity. Each project or proposition to date of ’20 days, 20 Projects’ is captured in an image created within the space of a day; a collection of prototypes if you like. It is from one such proposition that An Exhibition of Space has evolved through the additional opportunity to work within a specific architectural context at Crescent Artspace in Queen Street.

“I am investigating the relationship between sculpture and architecture specifically through the perception of space”.

Perception, in this case, is not simply visual but incorporates various senses on the part of the visitor experiencing and engaging with the work.

Modular elements, in this instance fabricated to order from aluminum sheets of a standard size, are used to partition and dissect the existing architectural space. The ‘raw material’ already possesses architectural and industrial qualities in its physical and dimensional properties and characteristics, and in its relation to human scale.

The use of such elements and material brings to mind early Bauhaus experiments with processes of mass production, concepts such as ‘The Minimal Dwelling’, and the work of Moholy Nagy exploring light and space. The possibility of sculpture as modular, variable, incorporating space as much as solid, has since evolved through the work of artists such as Donald Judd, Carl Andre and Robert Morris. The focus on the modular to create a fusion between architecture and sculpture is particularly interesting in that these are spaces which carry the potential to inhabit, and bear a relation to work such as Absalon’s ‘Cellules’ and Andrea Zittel’s ‘Compartment Units’. The notion of intervention in a given architectural space, adds yet another dimension to the work and intentions of the artist. The threshold between sculpture and architecture may be a matter of perception – of scale, materials, space, actions, behaviour and intention – through which An Exhibition of Space invites further investigation.

Open Arms Workshop Open Day
Saturday 14th August, 11.00 am – 5.00 pm

The initial exhibition is open for 5 days only from 2nd to 6th August after which Jonathan will lead a week of workshops with young people through Open Arms and 4Youth, North Yorkshire County Council. Jonathan will work with small groups through the week, developing their ideas and using recycled materials and found objects to explore the sculptural and architectural potential of the space. Their work is guaranteed to transform the space yet again and will be on view to the public on the Open Arms Workshop Open Day on Saturday 14th August from 11.00am to 5.00pm. Expect the unexpected!