‘In Domestos Chaos’


Saturday 8th November – Saturday 13th December 2008

Edinburgh based artist Keith Farquhar has built a significant reputation over the past 10 years with works such as V- Necks versus Roundnecks (2003), Atomised (2005) (ill) and Drunken Maria (2006) (ill). He has exhibited frequently in the UK and abroad including the 1st Athens Biennial (2007), at Anthony Reynolds Gallery in London and Galerie Neu in Berlin. We are pleased to host the first showing of his new work, ‘In Domestos Chaos’ at Crescent Artspace.

‘In Domestos Chaos’ brings together two bodies of current work. These comprise a number of specially designed cardboard cut-outs like the kind seen in cineplex foyers, except that here the artist isn’t advertising a film or product and the cut-outs are free to remain as props who’s only function is as artworks. These are set against a series of paintings on denim which are produced by applying bleach (domestos) to unstretched denim, thus allowing chance to determine the constellation of drips, stains, sprays and spills to form a backdrop of the heavens.

Keith’s work frequently takes the form of sculptural installation, employing a strict economy of means, whereby the individual physical elements act as visual props, retaining a sense of the temporary and portable. Keith has compared his practice to that of window dressing, in that he explores the means to create effective (yet momentary) illusion through methods more usually associated with commercial product display.