Found Objects, Scarborough Winter School, 2016. Photograph Justin DL


Made To Measure
Celebrating 40 years of workshops at Crescent Arts 1979 – 2019
Sat 27 April – Sun 26 May

Fridays – Sundays 11.00am – 4.00pm and at other times by appointment
Admission is free

Printmaking, ceramics, drawing, collage, sculpture, digital media, textiles, book binding, painting, cyanotype, sound, mask-making, photography – you name it, there’s been a workshop at Crescent Arts!

Literally thousands of people of all ages, interests and abilities have brought their talents and creativity to our workshops over the past 40 years. We’ve lost count, but we do know that some amazing things have been produced here with inspiration and guidance from an impressive range of artists who have been involved with Crescent Arts since it began in 1979. Made To Measure features the video, ‘Art Day 1979’, showing the very first workshop day which launched Crescent Arts.

Made To Measure also brings together a small sample of the inspiring work that has been produced on a range of workshops over recent years. We’ve always tried to offer an adventurous range of workshops, usually led by artists who work in the studios at Crescent Arts. While the artists provide support and guidance with technical processes, they are also keen to encourage creativity and experimentation. I think you’ll find this is a strong feature of the work in the exhibition.  

Book Binding and Paper Making, Crescent Arts 2015

Printmaking and ceramics are well-represented, which is not surprising given the excellent facilities which include our relief and intaglio printing presses and large kiln. The exhibition also gives an idea of the range and versatility of media available within the visual arts – from cyanotype to collage, drawing to digital media, book binding to mask-making and much more besides.

Workshops have led us far and wide to take creative activities to different places and people whether foraging in the forest at Dalby, wall painting in an empty shop in the town centre, or working with art colleges across the region. Scarborough Winter School 2016 brought together artists, teachers and art students from Leeds, Scarborough and Newcastle for an intensive day of ‘hands-on’ creative activity and debate about art education.

Clay Modelling, Scarborough Winter School, 2016. Photograph Suzanna Garner.

We hope you’ll find the work in the exhibition as impressive as we do, and perhaps it will inspire you to take part in a workshop or two. Visit our workshops page to see what’s on offer. We’d like to thank all who have contributed work to the exhibition and look forward to seeing you at future workshops, exhibitions and events at Crescent Arts.