Jade Montserrat



20th September – 26th October 2013

“…so the objects that are collected and archived stand on their own but
 there  are links that can be made through everything all the time…art history, libraries,  books its exhaustive, we kind of look for 
compendiums to describe all manner of  things that relate to our lives…”  

Market Prices is an exploration of objects littered with links to value in relation  to the artist’s personal narrative and practice. Each object is neatly housed  within its own bespoke box. These codified repositories, akin to drawers, are  stacked, creating a monument to her narrative within an art-historical, cultural  and socio-political context. Each item is being prepared for a photographic record,  which will be published in a small edition, acting as a catalogue. The function of  the catalogue will reveal the objects that viewers will not be able to see once  the sculpture is assembled.

Although the arrangement of the boxes (based on when they arrived within  the artist’s temporary custody) and the corresponding publication are located  within a classification system driven by personal trajectory: the objects  themselves demand a narrative excavation.

How might Market Prices merge the artist’s narrative within larger concerns  regarding value, worth, labour and education? And, using Baudrillard’s question  in his System of Objects as a prompt “Can man ever use objects to set up a  language that is more than a discourse addressed to himself?”