Crescent Artspace Launch at Woodend 04/10/2008 – 14/10/2008

Crescent Arts with Yorkshire Coast College BA students in costume design working with Cath Whippey; Hull University Scarborough Campus, School of Arts and New Media; photography by Graham Mack.

Crescent Artspace opened with an intriguing installation of sound and vision, offering a contemporary insight into the artistic legacy of Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell. Woodend, the former home of the Sitwells, provided an impressive backdrop to this collaboration between Crescent Artspace, students and tutors from Yorkshire Coast College costume design department, and the sound department of Hull University Scarborough Campus. Through the combined talents of visual artists, designers, makers, performers, and audio artists, a fascinating and inspiring series of audio-visual works emerged, referencing the photography of Cecil Beaton, the poetry of Edith Sitwell, and the architecture of Woodend. Visitors could experience the poetry of Façade as never before, navigate our virtual artspace (now on our website) and encounter a reincarnation of Edith Sitwell.

Façade 04/10/2008

Façade! The Orchestra of St. Paul’s and Crescent Arts presented this seminal collaborative work combining the poetry of Edith Sitwell and music of William Walton. It was performed originally in 1922 at Carlyle Square in London, home of Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell. William Walton conducted whilst Edith Sitwell recited the texts from behind a curtain using the famous Sengerphone (a megaphone-like instrument) to amplify her voice. By all accounts, it was a powerful performance. Façade evolved over several performances before reaching the version that we know today. The event in Scarborough was a rare opportunity to experience a live performance of Façade. We were privileged to host William Sitwell as reciter along with Pippa Longworth, and the highly accomplished Orchestra of St. Paul’s conducted by Ben Palmer.