Ruth Smith: Ground Works

An installation of recent work in collaboration with Scarborough School of Arts

Plot 128, Ruth Smith, installation view, 2016

Plot 128, Ruth Smith, installation view, 2016

Saturday 12 November – Sunday 18 December
Fridays – Sundays 11.00am-4.00pm and by arrangement.
Admission is free.

‘I expand the boundaries of painting, installation, performance, words and walking. I play with the edges of where processes, experience, memory and environments overlap.’

Ruth Smith’s work draws inspiration from the shifting landscape and our engagement within it, often focusing on places that exist in a state of on-going process or growth such as allotments and building sites. Works drawn from these sites seek to distill and draw the eye back to fleeting curiosities that hint at our involvement within such landscapes. Ruth explores these sites through observations, personal written accounts and a process of deconstructing the compositional elements and physically re-presenting the fragments through sculptural painting and the loose play of found materials. These reconfigured landscapes hold the potential for dwelling and exploring, creating a whisper of somewhere beyond, whilst simultaneously demanding our attention ‘in the now’.

Ruth Smith is the holder of a new Fine Art Fellowship at Scarborough School of Arts at Yorkshire Coast College and Crescent Arts. Ruth recently graduated from The Ruskin School of Art in Oxford, and will lead students here to produce work within this exhibition.

Below is a video made by Ruth showing one of the student walks that Ruth led during her fellowship. This video forms part of the exhibition at Crescent Arts.