Scarborough Winter School 2016 – The Exhibition

Saturday 9th April – Saturday 14th May

Scarborough Winter School 2016, Leeds College of Art, Photograph, Suzanna Garner

Scarborough Winter School 2016, Leeds College of Art, Photograph, Suzanna Garner

Saturday 9th April – Saturday 14th May
Fridays – Sundays
11.00am – 4.00pm
Admission is free

Have you ever wondered what goes on in art schools, but didn’t like to ask? Are you thinking of applying to art school but feel confused by the choices? Here’s a chance to get a greater sense of what art education is all about. Scarborough Winter School 2016 was co-hosted by Crescent Arts and Yorkshire Coast College in February, in partnership with Leeds College of Art, University of Leeds (Art and Design), University of Newcastle Faculty of Fine Art and Northumbria University. Students and lecturers came together for a day of networking and debate and to test drive activities devised by the colleges.   Our aim was to examine the legacy of the post-war Scarborough Summer Schools first run in 1953 by Victor Pasmore, Tom Hudson and Harry Thubron, which led to the creation and development of the Art Foundation Course.

The Scarborough Summer Schools of the 1950s were essential to art education in the UK, translating radical Bauhaus ideas into a curriculum for the UK known as Basic Design. These summer schools fed into the National Advisory Council on Art Education’s Coldstream Report (1961) and the establishment of the Dip. A.D.  (subsequently BA) as a ‘liberal education in art and design’.  The Scarborough Winter School 2016 revisited some of these original ideas, with a view to evaluating some of the principles of art education today.

The proposal followed on from The Art Party Conference 2013 which Crescent Arts presented with Bob and Roberta Smith at The Spa with over 1,200 participants converging on Scarborough from all over the UK to express deep concerns over the continuing marginalisation of arts and creativity in primary, secondary, further and higher education. Scarborough Winter School 2016 was a further stage in a process we intend to develop, contributing to the case for creativity and the arts as integral to education.

We hope the exhibition offers a platform for further activity and discussion about the value of art education – its teaching, learning, philosophy and practice through workshops, debate, exhibition, events and communications. You can view a short video of documentation of Scarborough Winter School 2016 on this website.


Get Together: Art Teachers, Students and Artists
Wed. 27th April 7.00pm
Discussion: Art Education and what it’s all about.

We welcome schools and colleges to the exhibition and will be happy to make arrangements for your group to visit at a time to suit you. We can accommodate a group of up to twenty at any one time. Please email us to request a group visit with the subject ‘SWS visit’:

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