An exhibition about collage

Dawn Brooks – Kate Evans – Christine Flinton – Wanda Maciuszko
Ruth Miemczyk – Helen Tomlinson – Jenny Weston – Janet White

Sunday 1st July – Sunday 22nd July 2018
The exhibition is open Fridays – Sundays, 11.00am – 4.00pm
and by appointment. Free admission.

SIZZL presents experiments with the process of collage by a group of artists who participated in a recent workshop at Crescent Arts. The exhibition was produced, assembled and installed by participants, working individually and collaboratively, during a one-day workshop led by Ruth Miemczyk. Artists explored the possibilities of a range of techniques, materials, forms and use of colour, working in two and three dimensions within the boundaries of our exhibition spaces.

Collage (from the French ‘to glue’) describes a process whereby the artwork is made up of disparate elements assembled to create a new whole. The origins of collage can be traced as far back as 10th century calligraphers in Japan and, before that, to paper production in China. Within contemporary visual arts, collage has strong associations with 20th century Modernism, especially cubists Braque and Picasso, who are said to have introduced the process into painting. Matisse also worked extensively with decoupage, a version of collage that involves the ‘cut-out’ to create and assemble an image. The Surrealists used collage to great effect, experimenting with photocollage (often as political comment), subsequently influencing a huge diversity of artists ranging from Lee Krasner to Richard Hamilton to Barbara Kruger to John Stezaker, and also as a staple technique of western agitprop graphics.

The practice of collage is not confined to the visual arts. The concept has also been explored by practitioners of other artforms including literature, music, sound, film and architecture. Contemporary techniques inherent to digital media and software owe much to the groundbreaking work, embedding a language of collage, by artists and designers over the past century.

Collage Workshop, Kate Evans and Dawn Brooks, Crescent Arts, June 2018