Rachel Worthington and Steven Potter

Tuesday 23rd – Saturday 27th October 2012
Daily 11.00am – 4.00pm

Admission is free

Partimepare present an audience participatory piece exploring the notion of nostalgia through a playful, yet slightly sinister, story which evolves throughout the installation period.  The work is a collaboration of two artists, Partimepare (Rachel Worthington and Steven Potter), working with paper cut and super 8 film to light up ‘The Dead of Night’.

‘The Dead of Night’ was the theme of Light Night 2012 in Leeds this October. Working with this theme, Rachel Worthington and Steven Potter were invited to take part in Light Night and in this context have developed new art work together. The two artists are working in collaboration as Partimepare and this is their first combined work. Rachel uses Super 8 as a medium, and incorporates aspects and elements of ‘the city’ within her work. Steven is predominantly an experimental paper-cut artist, who works with an interesting organization of paper, light and shadow.  Their contemporary take on traditional mediums uses light produced from digital and film projectors to create metamorphoses of shadows and tales.

Their work explores (Leeds) city mythology, linked to the theme of ‘The Dead of Night’. For both artists audience interaction shapes the final piece, and they encourage visitors to really let their imaginations run loose.  Torches, shadows, blankets, and your fertile imagination fuel Partimepare’s installation-event which invites participatory drawing, painting and shaping of Rachel’s film, while Steven’s paper cuts provide further inspiration to whet the appetite.

Rachel and Steven invite you to explore their work. “We greatly want you, the audience, to come and take part in the piece, as it will be shaped by your influence.”   

Rachel Worthington and Steven Potter formed Partimepare following their graduation from Leeds College of Art in summer 2012 and subsequently were invited to take part in the renowned Leeds Light Night 2012. Steven is also a resident artist at Crescent Arts and has already exhibited his newest work in the ‘soundings’ exhibition this October.