The Portable Reading Room

The Wild Pansy Press


Saturday 14th April – Saturday 19th May
Opening times: Fri-Sun 11.00am – 4.00pm and by appointment.

Admission is free.
Events: dates and times as advertised below.

The Portable Reading Room acts as a mobile bookshop,  gallery and project space, and will be installed within  Crescent Arts’ gallery/project space as a form of  social sculpture, creating a space for reading, viewing  and exploring the book as an expressive medium. A range of publications will be available for sale  during the exhibition. Wild Pansy Press publications will act  as a focus, and the Portable Reading Room invites  participation and social interaction.

The Wild Pansy Press is the brainchild of Simon  Lewandowski and Christopher Taylor,  artist-curator-publishers, who define their work as a  collective art practice using publication as a way of making  and distributing art.

The Wild Pansy Press catalogue comprises books and  projects which challenge and extend the usual notions of the  book format and publishing. The Wild Pansy Press Book of  Rainy Day Activities exemplifies their approach;  a compilation of instructional projects focusing on  self-organisation, distributed as four A2 sheets which  fold into a 64-page book. Wild Pansy Press seek to blur  boundaries between literature and art and to extend  our understanding and appreciation of these forms.

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We’re hosting a series of events and participatory activities within the context of The Portable Reading Room and Artist Writes.


Help us to create the ultimate pot boiler. Stray thoughts and peripheral visions encouraged. Multi-dimensional literature written by you, to occupy an entire room over five weeks. Each contributing author receives a complimentary unexpurgated published copy of ‘But…’ at its random point of completion.