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To find out more about artists currently in residence at Crescent Arts, follow the name links on the right. If you want more information about studio residencies or about how to apply for a residency, read on.

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Information about studio residencies

Crescent Arts offers studio residencies at subsidised rents to provide artists with the opportunity and support to develop their work in a stimulating environment.

Professional development is a key factor and artists are encouraged to work
strategically to promote their practice beyond the studio; whether this is through
exhibitions, off-site projects, presentations, educational activities or cultural exchange.

Artists and Crescent Arts’ Director, Stuart Cameron, work closely together to identify
appropriate and realistic goals. Training and support is provided whenever possible to
assist artists in planning for and achieving their aims. Crescent Arts can provide modest
financial support for training, research and development which at the same time enhances
our artistic and cultural programme.

Artists are encouraged to contribute to the running of the gallery, studios
and workshops programme by providing services in these areas for
appropriate remuneration.

Resident artists are expected to share their skills and experience and frequently
organise group projects and exhibitions. Prospective resident artists are considered
in terms of their ability to contribute to collaborative ventures; and of course for
the potential of their individual work.

Studios are licenced to artists at a subsidised rent of £45 per month which
includes heating, lighting and office facilities. The Licence is renewable on a
quarterly basis for a period of up to 2 years, during which time artists are
expected to make their work available for public presentation promoted by
Crescent Arts through exhibition, intervention, publication or other
appropriate means.

How to apply

Crescent Arts advertises residencies as studios become available.
We do not accept applications at any other times, but are happy to provide
information packs in response to enquiries and for further reference.

We are particularly interested in artists whose work is innovative and challenging
and especially those at formative stages in their careers who would benefit most
from the facilities and support we can provide. There is no restriction on visual
medium or practice (unless otherwise stated). Artists should be able to work
consistently in the studio or from it as a base.

For an information pack, informal discussion or further information please contact:
Stuart Cameron, Director of Crescent Arts (Studio Applications)
T: 01723 351461  E:

Crescent Arts is committed to equal opportunities.
Please note that resident studio artists are required to undergo CRB disclosure
checks prior to working with children or vulnerable adults.