Art Party!
A film by Tim Newton and
Bob & Roberta Smith


“How do you tell one man he’s got it wrong?”


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The Art Party Conference, 2013. Photograph: Tony Bartholomew.

John Voce as Michael Grove MP and Julia Rayner as Hetty Nettleship

Featuring: Cornelia Parker, Jeremy Deller, Haroon Mirza, Richard Wentworth, John Smith,
Maureen Duffy, Jessica Voorsanger, Samuel West, Bob and Roberta Smith
Music: Jemma Freeman & The Band, Flameproof Moth, The Grubby Mitts, Ken Ardley Playboys

Sound design: Robin Fellows
Cameras: Mike Fox BSC, Andy Parkinson, Jason Read
Editor: Tim Newton
Executive Producer: Stuart Cameron
Written, produced and directed by: Tim Newton & Bob and Roberta Smith
Distributed by: Cornerhouse Artist Film




The film captures the spirit of the entire event as artists, performers and
musicians travelled from all over Britain to celebrate creativity and challenge
Michael Gove’s policy to marginalise the arts in education.

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Silvia Ziranek at The Art Party Conference, 2013. Photograph: Tony Bartholomew.

Bob & Roberta Smith founded The Art Party in an attempt to better advocate the arts
to Government. The film blurs the lines between documentary and political fantasy.
Art Party underlines art’s crucial role in life: in education and modern politics.
Performance, interviews and imagined scenes are merged to produce a witty,
entertaining and affecting film that pushes the viewer to realise the important
role of art for everyone.

John Voce plays central character Michael Grove MP, accompanied by
Julia Rayner as his parliamentary aide – this is your chance to find out where they
ended up amidst the party! The film also features contributions by a plethora of
great artists including Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller, John Smith,
Haroon Mirza, Cornelia Parker, Jessica Voorsanger and Richard Wentworth,
with original music by Flameproof Moth, The Fucks, and the Ken Ardley Playboys.

Artist Bob & Roberta Smith and Film Director Tim Newton continue their
collaboration to produce this irreverent, thought provoking and inspiring film,
which is due to air across the nation this summer. It’s released nationally on
21st August, GCSE results day, screening up and down the country.
Scarborough has a special significance as the host of the Art Party
Conference 2013.

As Bob and Roberta Smith promised at the time:
“It’s going to be a place where people can have their say, take a stand,
have a rant, and tell us exactly what’s going on in their world in the arts.
With so much creativity on offer, it’s going to be serious fun!”


Bob & Roberta Smith RA is a British artist who is best known for works
including Make Art Not War, which belongs to the TATE collection, as well as
Letter to Michael Gove. He is an artistic political campaigner with strong views
in terms of the power of creativity and its necessity throughout life as a means
of expression and freedom aside from society conventions. He was recently made
a Royal Academician, whose work can be seen in the current RA Summer Exhibition.

Tim Newton has worked as an actor, writer and director in theatre, film and
television for over 20 years, regularly performing in productions by maverick
theatre director Ken Campbell. Tim’s recent short film Trimming Pablo (2011)
is a fictionalised account of Picasso’s visit to the 1950 Sheffield Peace Congress
in which Bob also appears. In 2012 Tim and Bob’s joint film Who is Community?
was commissioned as part of Art on the Underground’s Central Line series.
The film featured Julia Rayner who now plays civil servant Hetty Nettleship alongside
John Voce (as Michael Grove MP) in Tim and Bob’s firstfeature length collaboration.

Cornerhouse Artist Film was set up in 2011 to investigate new methods of production,
distribution and exhibition for artist feature film, exploiting digital technology whilst
particularly making use of the unique bridge between visual art networks, artists and
independent film exhibition.

Art Party is a Tim Newton and Bob and Roberta Smith production, in association with
Crescent Arts, ACE Grants for the Arts, The Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture & Design
and distributed by Cornerhouse Artist Film. Financial support was also given by the
Art Fund and DACS, with sponsorship by Sheffield International Venues Ltd and
support in kind by University of Hull, Scarborough, and Yorkshire Coast College.

For further information about the Art Party screening in Scarborough
please contact Stuart Cameron at Crescent Arts:

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