A LOOK INTO OUR WORKSHOP//Life drawing and creative writing with JJ Cruickshank

We explore light and darkness with multi-disciplinary creative JJ Cruickshank

We had such a great workshop with the Vibrant JJ Cruickshank positioned against Kate Genever’s window installation. Blending together creative writing and art-we asked ourselves; ‘What is our promised land?’

‘Promised land is a future place that’s out of grasp’

‘Being on the train-I think North Yorkshire landscapes are…unbeatable’

After drawing J whilst thinking about the lightness and darkness of the room and discussing our promised land, J prompted us to think of words related to light and darkness. In positive and negative ways on both sides. They then told us to circle words that resonated and jumped out at us. We then split into two groups and used these chosen words to create a haiku and projected the words onto the wall using out projector. Taking pictures that we had created throughout the evening we curated a full piece of words and images for us to reflect upon.

Select pieces of work will be on display with others from all of our life drawing sessions so far at Woodend Gallery from March through to May. Come and see what we have created through creativity and experimentation.

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