Safer Spaces Policy

Our safer spaces policy, is fluid and will constantly be open to change and adaptation in order to create an open and welcome environment for everyone, both on and offline.

Our core values, you can read on our about page, are anti-racist, committed to being a learning organisation, invested in the well-being of artists and our communities, prioritising the development of contemporary visual arts and artists and working to address the climate crisis and support climate justice.

We believe it is a collective responsibility to adhere to this policy and everyone is individually responsible for checking their own behaviour. The following list of agreements is not limited and if you think amends need to be made please do contact us on

If you are under 14, please make sure that you are accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) when attending our online and in person events (unless agreed otherwise).

Racism, as well as ageism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, ableism, or prejudice based on ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, gender presentation, language ability, asylum status or religious affiliation is neither accepted or welcome.

Both physical and emotional boundaries must be respected including explicit verbal consent before engaging in any physical contact with someone or crossing personal boundaries.

Bring an awareness of the space you hold, the positions and privileges you bring, including racial, class and gender privilege and how these may affect others.

Be an active listener and never make assumptions on the opinions and identifications of other participants/audiences.

Work collectively to create a space for mutual respect.

In discussions, raise your hand (both on and offline) to speak, do not interrupt others, and thoughtfully give the time and space to each person to speak and share their thoughts and ideas.

If someone violates these agreements a discussion or mediation process can happen, depending on the wishes of the person who was violated. If a serious incident happens, the offending party will be asked to leave the space/event. Those present can nominate the person or process that can mediate if needed.