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Our first film screening explores cameraless projection and photography...

This first part of the session brought us a film screening of five films made using cameraless photography and analogue projection. Following this, we began exploring analogue photography utilizing old cameras and projectors, 8mm film and antique slide projectors. We had our session split into two parts, one half with Martha Cattell exploring 8mm film projection, the other exploring slide and image making with artist Joel Hague.




Using water, sharpening tools, and metal abrasive cleaning tools to scrape, edit and write over discarded 8mm film – then using a small finely tipped black marker to draw over the top of the manipulated film reel. after this the film goes through the projector to conjure up some fascinatingly beautiful results shown below!


On Joel’s table, we were exploring how to edit, collage, cut and stick slides together. thinking about the images we can find on them at random, and how these can marry with other images. which sections of the image are to be edited? Do we take away information? Leave it in? Make more? Repeat? Eschew? Distort? How does this change the meaning behind what we create, and what does it mean to achieve this through projection and analogue technology?

Check out the gallery of works below!

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