Response To The Coastal North Fellowship By Liam Burke

We asked Artist and Coastal North Fellowship member Liam Burke about his experiences so far on the fellowship.

Image shows a selection of Liams drawings of various different parts of the creative hotspots in Newcastle.

What have you learned from the workshops?

I’ve learned how exhibitions are prepared and made, how to be more sustainable and how to project and execute an idea. I’ve also learned how to make a zine about the Futurist.

What’s your favourite style to work with and why?

I love Digital Art. I’m good with Photoshop.

How have the visits made you feel about the experience so far?

The visits made me understand how exhibitions work and opened my mind to different ideas and approaches.

Which trip/visit has meant the most to you?

Sheffield but I’ve also really enjoyed Newcastle because it was my first time there

What’s been your favourite part of the workshops so far?

My favourite part is to get the chance to meet new artists, new ideas and to create things together.


Learn more about Liam and his work by clicking here!

Liams visual response to the Newcastle Trip.



Liams visual response to the workshop with Hannah Kirkham


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