This new exhibition is a collaborative venture by Crescent artists exploring light and colour as spatial, material, temporal and architectural elements. The artists make use of non-representational primary geometric shapes and forms defined by colour to reconfigure physical space.

After Image: Light Colour Space Time

Saturday 15 June – Sunday 28 July

Fridays – Sundays 11.00am – 4.00pm

Admission is free

Colour is perhaps the most highly charged and evocative of visual sensations capable of eliciting vivid responses, whether conscious or subconscious. It permeates our lives and our environment, and can determine how we navigate the spaces or places we inhabit and move between, through and around.

We make frequent everyday choices and decisions involving colour-association commonly relating to appearance, for example of food, décor, fashion and design. Equally, It informs our avoidance of situations that we think might cause us physical harm, psychological unease or discomfort. Colour is embedded in our everyday language. We ‘see red’, might be ‘feeling blue’ or feel ‘green with envy’. Such colloquial expressions, like all language, are cultural constructs and far from universal, but are nonetheless highly effective in conveying emotional states.

Whether by chance, or by design, colour plays an integral part in many of our decisions and much of our behavior. As a means of expression it appeals to our most subjective, even primitive, nature and instincts while at the same time engendering more objective theoretical research and harnessing of its powerful influence upon us.

After Image sets out to challenge perceptions and heighten awareness – physical, psychological, aesthetic – through inviting response to an immersive environment.