As part of our Pop Up Print Weekender, we bring you the exciting chance to win a prize pack bundle by following our indie print trail!

image shows a map, showing a section of Scarborough. To the left are locations of various venues around Scarborough, the and a small section of text explaining the purpose of the print trail.

To kick everything off we bring you our Pop Up Print Trail! We asked 12 locations around Scarborough to feature 12 printed works, collect your Pop Up Print programme in any one of these venues and collect each print by taking a photograph or a sticker from each location. The prints will slowly appear in each location as the weekend progresses. 

The locations are:

  1. Bloom Coffee Shop & Bakery, 97 Falsgrave Rd, YO12 5EG.
  2. The Old Parcels Office Artspace, Westborough, YO11 1TU
  3. Koda Coffee, 17 Northway, YO11 1JH
  4. 21 Victoria Road Coffee Shop, YO11 1SB
  5. Wooley Edge Scarborough Market Hall, YO11 1EU
  6. Love Brew Cafe, 20 Eastborough, YO11 1NW
  7. Francesca’s, 25 Eastborough YO11 1NG
  8. Scarbrough Library, Vernon Road, YO11 2PS
  9. Rotunda Museum, Vernon Rd, YO11 2PS
  10. Scarborough Art Gallery, The Crescent, YO11 2PW
  11. Woodend Creative Space, YO11 2PW
  12. Dahlia Bakery, 27 Ramshil Rd, YO11 2LW

The first five to come back with all wins a Pop Up Print Prize bundle, which includes a copy of each of the print in the trail, a t-shirt, stickers, zines, badges and more

Happy hunting!