An independent testing environment. A space to play.

A sandbox is a term used in computing to define a new testing environment and in the real world a place to create and play.  Crescent Arts are adapting this idea to create a new flexible and fluid creative space in Woodend gallery-to showcase, and trial new work and ideas. It will host exhibitions/shows/performances/screenings for new and emerging talent in the area; something that currently does not exist.

The space will also be furnished with chairs, tables and offer an open access space for activities and places to meet, create, read the zine library and network, to fill in a gap of free and accessible space for especially young and emerging artists to make and create work. We especially want to hear from underrepresented groups around Scarborough and the surrounding area.

Sandbox is not fixed and is open to change, so we welcome feedback and thoughts on the space.

Why are we doing this?
We feel there is currently little space in the North Yorkshire Coastal area, to test creative ideas/get feedback or have your first show. Especially for emerging or underrepresented artists/collectives/groups. To reflect this we want to offer a space to trial run thoughts, seeds of ideas, events and pop-up exhibitions. It is also a desire to shift the creative landscape in Scarborough to be more inclusive and experimental.

What would you get from this?
You would get curatorial, marketing and interpretation support to help shape your idea and practice going forward. We can also connect you with relevant artists or contacts, and you would become part of a growing artist community.

Who is this for?
The project space will be for everyone (of any age) who wishes to expand on previous ideas and extend parts of their creative and critical practice. We particularly want to hear from underrepresented individuals/groups in Scarborough and the surrounding areas or that address themes that are currently not present within the creative narrative of the town.

How to Apply?
To apply please fill in the following form. You will be asked to write a number of things including a short bio of yourself, a description of your idea and why it would be a good opportunity to show within the space. Lastly, what support you might need? The form is written, but there is also an opportunity to upload a video or audio recording if that is preferred just upload it at the bottom of the form.




If you have any questions please email Assistant Curator Joel: 

After submitting your work/idea/performance Your submissions will be judged monthly by a panel made up of Curator Martha Cattell, Assistant Curator Joel Hague, Scarborough Museums Trust, A Space to Be Producer Jayne Shipley and local artists.

Exhibition Schedule
Jamie Lee Walton, The naturalness of artificiality, October 4th – January 8th 2023 

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