Coastal North Fellowship: Meet The Artists & Leeds Trip

Our first outing with the Coastal North Fellowship began with a trip to some of the most vibrant creative hotspots in Leeds...

Image shows an artist making a mono print.

To bring everyone up to date with what’s been going on behind the scenes with the Coastal North Fellowship, we’d love to welcome each of the eight artists to the programme; Imogen Sophia, Jamie Walton, Mary-Ann Stevens, Molly Newham, Savannah Storm, Sommer Vass, Thomas Robinson and Liam Burke.


The 13th of January brought us our first session with the Artists, with an inspired visit to Threshold in Leeds, hosted by artist Julia McKinley, talking about the beginnings of this artist-led programme, support networks and self-organising.

Next up was a trip to the Henry Moore institute followed by a tour of contemporary art gallery The Tetley with curator Georgia Taylor Aguilar.

Continued by an introduction to East Street Arts and the Art Hostel with artist development coordinator Frank Lamb. We finished the day with a mono-printing workshop at Leeds Print Studio.

continuing with our programme of professional development, and by working with other artists and organisations we can’t wait to see where our work with the Fellowship will take us next, keep an eye out on socials for more updates on profile debuts and behind the scenes content!

Photography by Martha Cattell

Meet the Coastal North Fellowship

Image shows an artist with long brown hair sketching in her sketchbook by the sea, she’s sat on a blanket; in the foreground is a tray with pencils and pens in pots.

Savannah Storm


Image shows an artist with red hair, she is wearing earrings that resemble teeth and a white top, she has tattoos on her arms and is stood against a red background.

Imogen Sophia

Textile Artist

Image shows an artist with long brown hair smiling looking down at his phone.

Thomas Robinson

Artist and Archivist

Image shows an artist with long hair kneeling down and sketching colourful marks onto the path, she is sat beside the Scarborough seafront.

Molly Newham

Multimedia Artist

Image shows an artist with short blonde hair and dark rimmed glasses, she is wearing a pink top and a floral scarf, she is smiling at the camera.

Mary-Ann Stevens

Multimedia Artist

Image shows an artist with brown hair wearing a long blue coat, she’s outside on a dirt path looking down at an orange traffic cone that’s been thrown onto a path.

Sommer Vass

Textile Artist

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