Exploring sustainability in our eco-developing workshop

Eco-developing 101 with Martha and Jayne, read on to see how the walkshop went...

Examples of anthotypes from Eco-photography Workshop

As part of our current Map It Well exhibition and project we have programmed a series of responsive workshops in Scarborough Museum and Galleries new community space ‘A Space to Be’. The latest focused on alternative photography and was led by Crescent Arts curator and artist Martha Cattell and artist Jayne Shipley.

The participants learnt about the history of anthotypes, before having a go at making their own photosensitive liquids from various plant matter gathered from our Woodend Garden.

We then arranged our compositions after a little walk around the gardens and left them for a week to develop.

Anthotypes are a very accessible photographic method, which is sympathetic to the environment and thinks about the slowness of making.

For more information about Map It Well: https://www.mapitwell.co.uk

For more information about A Space to Be: https://bit.ly/3nfrX8g

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