New look, New Website, New Logo

To usher in the season, we've been working with Dan Pilgrim and Joey Barritt of Saul Studio, to produce a fresh new look for Crescent Arts, with new branding and an updated and accessible website.

red background with white font reading fresh new look and then two shapes a semi circle and a triangle at the bottom

Since Crescent Arts’ inception in 1979 the organisation has had a number of logos reflecting the various changes the organisation has gone through.

Saul Studios have worked with us to create more than just a logo and reflects our values and ambitions to be a more open and inclusive organisation, committed and rooted to developing and supporting the arts in Scarborough. It brings in new colours that are influenced by our coastal location, as well as fonts and design. We have also made sure our design, font and colours are accessible and usable with technology such as screen readers.

We are now entering a new era for Crescent Arts, moving from our long-term home in the basement of Scarborough Art Gallery, anticipating the changes needed as we all prepare for what renewal can be post-Covid-19, developing new partnerships, and supporting creative engagement with questions of equity, inclusion and climate crisis. A new era and a new vision for a more nimble and responsive organisation has brought a focus on a new brand and website to reflect this.

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