Updates: Gardening with the Blueberry students

Updates with the Blueberry Gardening project...

Introducing local artist Meg Woodward-Hay who will be working with us on continuing the gardening project with the Blueberry Academy students, our Tuesday session consisted of tidying up the garden beds and then continuing to plant sunflower seeds, rainbow chard and lettuce.

The team also learned how to tie knots together to create some bamboo cane and twine structures for their planted beans and peas which were salvaged from old seeds.

Next up the students learned about companion planting which is the practice of growing different plants together for mutual benefit, followed by some creative activities where we used plants that make colourful marks such as fennel, lavender to make marks on paper. The team finished the session thinking about a map linking up the Wooden garden encouraging people to go to it.


This project is funded by Scarborough District Children & Young People’s Fund, Two Ridings Community Foundation

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