New Exhibition: Let Us Never Be Still

Welcoming in our fourth exhibition of the year 'Let Us Never Be Still' a new body of work from a select group of Scarborough Sixth Form Students : Felix Hick, Eve Crowdy, Evie Henshaw, Molly Ford and Leon Lipiec and artist Kate Genever.

When: 1st July – 2nd September 2023

Where: Woodend Gallery, The Crescent, Scarborough, YO11 2PW

Opening times: Monday – Saturday | 10am – 5pm


In our third year of collaboration with the students of the Scarborough Sixth Form Art department, the gallery space has once again hosted an intensive week of art-making, conversation and material exploration led by Artist Kate Genever.

This year, we have focused on drawing and how it may inform itself through collaborative creation. The students have been tasked with continually re-inventing the space to curate an exhibition within five days. 

By limiting ourselves and using only black and white inks, paints, chalks, charcoals, and papers, we explore the perspective of objects and culture within the gallery that may exist only in the now, as artists’ working within a space. 

The constraints of time and place will force us to mould new ideas and recycle old ones. The gallery is again decked out with greenery, returning to its heritage as a historic greenhouse, acting as a starting point for our ideas to flourish.

Throughout the week, we keep informal learning principles in mind, thinking about how drawing may influence itself over some time within a specific setting—relaying these ‘never still’’ ideas of still life, reiterating that still life drawing is a tangible act ever in flux. 

We begin to think about the legacy of this partnership with Scarborough Sixth Form and Crescent’s dedication to professional development. The experience offers professional creative development for the students. Working directly with an artist outside of a formal educational setting, they will be invited to experience innovative construction with working artists in motion. 

As makers, we conjure up notions of just that, ideas in motion. Let Us Never Be Still invites us to re-invent and re-inform, think without boundaries, generate and acknowledge thoughts together and return to our creative capabilities. In other words, to draw is to start.

About Kate Genever

Kate Genever is an artist and farmer based in South Lincolnshire.

She completed a Foundation at Lincoln School of Art, then a BA Hons in Fine Art at Stoke in 1993. Kate started teaching at Lincoln School of Art the following year, which developed into further work there and at other institutions. Alongside this, she freelanced, delivering workshops and commissions for different organisations nationally and mentoring. In 2008, Kate embarked upon an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at the Royal College of Art. Kate works in print, text, drawing, paint, mixed media and installation to explore the close relationship between people and place: “Be it in villages, refuges, caravan parks, lockdown:

“I build deep connections with people in the celebration and support of site-specific responses, DIY architectures and community actions”.

Collaboration and improvisation are also key elements of her work, along with an objective to challenge perspectives, encourage reflection and inspire action.


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