THE OSBERT TRAIL: Queer foraging walk around Woodend Gardens (FILMED SESSION)

Come join us for a queer foraging session around Woodend Gardens with special guests Queer Foraging Hull! Inspired by the literary works of Osbert Sitwell.

Date: Saturday 19th August 2023

Time: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Location: The Crescent Gardens, Scarborough, YO11 2PW.


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Crescent Arts have partnered up with Queer Foraging Hull to bring you an exciting heritage inspired queer foraging workhop! Come with us to explore the Woodend gardens whilst also learning about Osbert Sitwells History. We will be exploring our connection to the then and the now, through searching for plants whilst also searching through local history! 

We will be gathering plants, identifying them and learning about them. We will then take our findings back to Woodend and explore our findings. Our findings and collective work will then become part of an upcoming exhibition in partnerhsip with Scarboorugh Musuems and Galleries later on this year. For more information about that click here


What will we be exploring?


What did the Woodend gardens look like when Osbert Sitwell lived here?  When was Osbert around? What late Victorian or edwardian plants and foliage can we find now that was popular at the time? Can we make links to Osbert Sitwells poetry and written works? Do any of these plants have a queer conotation? What connections can we find in nature, queerness and heritage? 


Note: This session will be filmed, however, if you wish for your face not to appear on camera, notify either Helen or any member of the Crescent Arts team. 

The route 

The route through the gardens will be wheelchair accessible. 

If the weather is hot, we recommend you bring water and wear loose clothing. 



We at Crescent Arts still appreciate and understand the long-term impact of COVID-19, and the effects this has on our everyday life. With this in mind, we still encourage frequent handwashing and the use of anti-bacterial gels, along with the encouraged use of masks. Masks are still recommended to wear unless exempt. Social distancing and regular hand sanitizing are both still strongly advised. The Woodend Gallery is wheelchair accessible, with an accessible bathroom and changing facilities. Download our Woodend gallery accessibility guide here.

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Woodend Gallery, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2PW