The Queer Infoshop // Threads of Pride: An LGBTQ+ quilt making workshop (FREE)

Come join us for our LGBTQ+ quilt making workshop inspired by our queer community strand in creating a new body of work which will be exhibited in our upcoming exhibition later on this year...

When: Saturday 24th June, 11:00 AM – 13:00 PM

Where: Woodend Gallery, The Crescent, YO11 2PW.


About the workshop


As part of our upcoming exhibition as Crescent Arts in partnership with Scarborough Museums And Galleries, we’re planning to include a community arts section which will debut artworks made in our community queer infoshops.

Quilts have a long history of being radical political statements. Therefore, we want to produce a quilt which shows the world what it’s like to be queer in 21st-century Scarborough. The quilt will be part of an upcoming exhibition with Scarborough Museums and Galleries.

Be a part of Scarborough’s LGBTQ+ legacy! Join us for an LGBTQ+ patch-making workshop to be a part of our community quilt. No experience is needed! All skill levels are welcome. No booking is needed.


We’re also commissioning a film about the community work we’ve been undertaking over the past several months.

As part of this exhibition, we’re commissioning a film reflecting the community outputs and workshops we’ve programmed as part of the queer Infoshop. Sections of this workshop will be filmed, and we may ask you to potentially say a sentence or two about yourselves and how you feel about being LGBTQ+ in Scarborough. The film will then be displayed as part of The Queer Infoshop subsection of the exhibition this coming Autumn.

If you do not wish for your face to be included in the film, please let us know, and we will notify our cameraman! We will happily cater to your needs to make this a comfortable experience.

✦ // The Theme! // ✦


Queer & Coastal! … What do you feel about being queer in Scarborough? What part of our Scarboroian world do you relate to? Do you have any memories in specific places in Scarborough that relate to your queer identity? Does the sea inspire you? The theme is open; we want you to be as abstract or literal as possible! We don’t mind what design you put on your square if it’s respectful and represents you!

About the workshop

We welcome all skill levels to the workshop, so if you have no history of making quilt patches, don’t worry! You don’t have to have any! Your patch will then be sewn together for the upcoming exhibition.


We at Crescent Arts still appreciate and understand the long-term impact of COVID-19, and the effects this has on our everyday life. With this in mind, we still encourage frequent handwashing and the use of anti-bacterial gels, along with the encouraged use of masks. Masks are still recommended to wear unless exempt. Social distancing and regular hand sanitizing are both still strongly advised. The Woodend Gallery is wheelchair accessible, with an accessible bathroom and changing facilities. Download our Woodend gallery accessibility guide here.

Please email if you need more specific access information.

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Woodend Gallery, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2PW